ग़ालिब की हवेली पहुंचा ALAKH || Ghalib ki Haveli || غالب کی حویلی‎ ||


#MirzaGhalib’s Haveli is located in the #OldDelhi and is a heritage site declared by Archaeological Survey of India. It offers an insight into the Mirza Ghalib’s lifestyle and architecture of the Mughal Era.The large compound of the Haveli with columns and bricks are the reminiscence of the Mughal Empire in Delhi. The walls are adorned with the huge portrait of the poet and his couplets which are hung around the side walls. After the takeover by the Delhi government the haveli was made into a permanent memorial museum housing objects related to the poet and his times. It also houses various hand written poems by the poet besides his books. The museum also houses a life size replica of the poet in a realistic setting with a hookah in his hand. Portraits of Ustaad Zauq, Abu Zafar, Momin, and other noted contemporaries of Ghalib can also be seen. On 27 December 2010, former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit unveiled a sculpture of the poet that was sculpted by a well known artist Bhagwan Rampure and commissioned by poet and Hindi film lyricist Gulzar.A portrait of Ghalib commissioned by the former president of India Dr. Zakir Hussain served as the blue print for the sculpture. اگ رہا ہے در و دیوار سے سبزہ غاؔلب ہم بیاباں میں ہیں اور گھر میں بہار آئی ہے

हज़ारों ख़्वाहिशें ऐसी कि हर ख़्वाहिश पर दम निकले

बहुत निकले मेरे अरमान लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले

हमको मालूम है जन्नत की हक़ीक़त लेकिन,

दिल के खुश रखने को ‘ग़ालिब’ ये ख़याल अच्छा है

इश्क़ पर जोर नहीं है ये वो आतिश ‘ग़ालिब’,

कि लगाये न लगे और बुझाये न बुझे

हुई मुद्दत कि ‘ग़ालिब’ मर गया पर याद आता है,

वो हर इक बात पर कहना कि यूँ होता तो क्या होता !

चिपक रहा है बदन पर लहू से पैराहन

हमारी ज़ेब को अब हाजत-ए-रफ़ू क्या है


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